Dear Friend and or Partner of Calvary Biblical Counseling Ministry (CBCM),


I have some news to share.  The content of this correspondence may surprise some of you, but I think most of you could see this day coming.  Here is the news.  It’s time for me to retire and along with my retirement the Calvary Biblical Counseling Ministry will close as well.  The retirement and closure will be effective starting on January 1 2023.  A great “thank you” shout out is in order for those who came for counsel; to those who have supported the ministry through financial gifts, prayer, and encouraging words; and most of all to God, the “blessed controller of all things”!

To those who have financially supported the ministry take note, the church will not be accepting donations for the counseling ministry past the end of this year.  Thanks to all who have contributed financially.  I have appreciated the one-time gift, the regular weekly or monthly gift, and the donations from those who received counsel.  I believe God was pleased with the gift and the giver and I know the monies received were used to further spiritual growth to God’s people.  Also, there were those who came for biblical counsel who ended up becoming saved.  Those were special times to enjoy – witnessing the second birth!

Patty and I plan to spend time together seeing some nearby sites we have talked about visiting for years.  We also would like to connect with friends we have made over the last 40+ years who have invited us for visits.  And there are health issues we will need to contend with, some known and others yet to be revealed.   And yes, we are excited to watch the grandchildren grow and develop and to help them out in many different ways.  We will continue to serve God and our fellow believers at Calvary Baptist Church until that no longer is possible.

Will I be available to counsel?  I plan to be available for counsel to those who I have counseled in the past and to anyone who is an active participant of Calvary Baptist Church as time and energy permit.  I had hoped to have trained a replacement for me to continue the counseling ministry, but that has not happened.  Pastoral counseling will continue to be available through any of the pastoral staff of Calvary Baptist Church.

Wendy Horning plans to continue to meet on an as-need-basis with past and or present counselees.  She does not plan to accept new clients at this time.  Her office space will continue to be in the present location.

Mike Stump leads “Transformed for Christ”, a group for men struggling to overcome life dominating sins (addictions).  His ministry will not change with my retirement.  It continues as a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church.  He can be contacted by phone (814) 720-4602 or email

“Journey to Healing and Hope”, a group for women dealing with their issues and feelings regarding their husbands’ sexual addiction will not be changed with my retirement either.  It continues as a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. Those wanting more information can contact Sandy or Barb at

The Facebook account – The Calvary Biblical Counseling Ministry, and

The webpage – accounts will be active until the end of the year.

If you have questions, please call me at (814) 573-9326.


Doug Messerall